The Best Campfire Snacks

There’s not much better in this life than relaxing by a campfire with good friends and your furry companion. The way your eyes adjust to the moonlight, the sounds of nature and the warmth of the fire coupled with a cool breeze is unbeatable. What makes the experience even better? Food...cooked over your campfire. Get out and enjoy nature (and food!) whether it’s a bonfire in your backyard or in the middle of nowhere.

We’ve put together a list of 10 must-try sweet and savory campfire treats to make your next campfire better!


1. Shhhhmores - Is this cheating on the American classic? Kindof, but we changed the name, so it’s ok. 


2. Campfire Chicken - This delicious recipe combines sweet, spicy and that perfect char for a delicious snack. Change up the recipe however your taste buds like - traditional buffalo, teriyaki, Bourbon maple-glazed. Check out 50 ways to season here.


3. Roasted Banana Boats - All the ingredients for the banana boats are portable, and best of all, you can whip this up quickly! Throw some bourbon on the bananas for a little sumpthin’ extra! 



4. Campfire Cones - Life-changing. Waffle cones plus any ingredients you choose are a great way to make a family bonfire or camping memorable. Let the  kids choose which ingredients to put in their cones, wrap them up, and soon you’ll have the perfect hand-held dessert.


5. Campfire Breadsticks - Need a simple way to cook bread over a fire? Look no further than this simple and fun way to get your carb fix. Make them unique by creating a custom dipping sauce...marinara, garlic butter, cinnamon sugar, or beer cheese. Get creative!


6. Roasted Onion - There are so many uses for a roasted onion. After cooking, enjoy with your campfire breadsticks, chicken wings, nachos (#8 on our list), campfire potatoes (#9 on our list) or enjoy on their own. 


7. Campfire Strawberries - S’mores don’t get all the marshmallow fun. Try dipping Strawberries in fluff marshmallow cream then roasting over the fire. If you’re feeling romantic, drizzle some chocolate over the top. Yum. 


8. Nachos -  Nachos are the perfect snack after a long day of hiking or just playing outside. Choose to top the chips with anything from traditional pizza or Mexican toppings or get creative and top with Bar-B-Que! Grab yourself a skillet from Lodge Cast Iron and get cooking! The iron skillet adds a distinct flavor, but you can cook in a disposable foil pan if hauling an iron skillet into the woods is not your thing!


9. Potatoes - Campfire potatoes is the perfect way to wake up your crew for breakfast! Throw some eggs and bacon in the there, and you have a balanced meal to start your day of hiking.


10. Campfire Bacon - We had to put bacon in our list! Twist bacon on skewers, metal or bamboo) and roast them over the fire for a savory treat. Warning, your dog will be begging for a bite! 

Hope you enjoy all the sweet and savory treats! Be sure to tag us using #campingwithdogs to show us your favorite campfire treat!