• My dog Maggie loved to sport her green Camping With Dogs bandana. Her tail would wag so much when she would get it back after washing. She wore her bandana to the very end, and I carry it in my pocket now. I just want to thank CWD for representing what she meant to us.

    Rob B.

  • I am stoked about my new CWD gear. Can’t wait to wear them on our next adventure!

    Sarah P.

  • I love the new adventure collection, and I have been a long time fan! I can’t wait to get more CWD gear.

    Ed B.

  • Just ordered the Gone Camping Tee for my girlfriend as a gift, and I am super excited!

    Chris H.

  • This may sound odd, but thank you, CWD, for sending an email that just has cute dog pictures in it. I get so many emails during the day about sales saying “buy this,” but this email truly made my day. It made me so happy, and I look forward to the next one!

    Gracie K.

  • I LOVE my Classic Trucker Hat!!! It is the best!

    Christina F.

  • Best combination ever, camping and dogs. And now I have a shirt to prove it!

    Owen G.

  • I have always loved the green bandana. My pup will wear it proudly!

    Deb M.