We are the voice for dogs that can't speak for themselves. You know what they say? Take me camping. Take me hiking. Take me kayaking, fishing, or even biking. Your dog wants to spend quality time with you and we're here to advocate spending time outdoors with them. We guarantee they deserve it.

What started in Nashville, TN as an Instagram account featuring photos of dogs going on adventures in the great outdoors has become so much more. The unanticipated growth has been an incredible whirlwind, and we’re overjoyed that we’ve found a community of people who love dogs just as much as we do.

Before we knew it, Camping with Dogs evolved into something more than a brand. It became a lifestyle.

Our values reflect our own lives — we’re people who love to spend time outdoors with our dogs. They’re our best friends and adventure companions.

The approach we take towards product design captures the essence of the ease and simplicity of being completely encompassed in nature with your dog. When you’re wearing a Camping With Dogs hoodie and your dog is wearing a Camping With Dogs bandana, know that you’re advocating for something amazing.

Join us on the breathtaking journey that is Camping With Dogs.

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