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Sleeping With a Dog While Camping 101

November 11, 2021

Sleeping With a Dog While Camping 101

Camping with your dog in a tent can be tough if you’re not prepared. Prepare for your next camping adventure with these tips on how to make sleeping with your dog as simple as possible. Focus on those night time cuddles instead of stressing over sleeping arrangements!

Keep Your Dog Comfy

The more comfortable your dog is while sleeping, the less restless they’ll be throughout the night. Grab a sleeping mat for your dog like this one from our sister brand, Alpha Pak. A comfortable sleeping mat can change the game for your dog and give them a little slice of home while outdoors. 

Let Them Inside of Your Tent

While it might seem easier to leave your dog in the car or crate while you sleep in the tent, your dog is likely to be more comfortable and calm in a new environment if they are next to you. Invest in a tent that is big enough for the both of you, and create a space with a sleeping mat and blankets that your dog can nest in for bed.

Tire Your Dog Out

It’s likely that with a full day of hiking and exploring your dog will be exhausted by bedtime. Even so, make sure to give them a full day of exercise and adventuring so that they’re ready to sleep, especially on the first night of camping. This will eliminate extra restlessness and potentially increase the quality of their sleep.

Get Them Familiar With the Tent

If your dog is a first-time or newer camper, let them grow familiar with the tent they will be sleeping in prior to leaving for the camping trip. In your own home or backyard, let them sniff, lay in and explore the tent and the sleeping bag or mat you’re bringing for them. Your dog’s comfort will only increase the more that they are familiar with the gear that will be used.

Bring a Comfort Item

Even the most tired of dogs might still have anxiety about sleeping in a new place. Bring something that your dog loves into the tent to provide comforts of home as well as give them something to do if they can’t sleep. Their favorite toy, blanket or even a quick treat might make them feel calmer and make them a better sleeping partner.

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