The Top 12 Best Things About Dogs

1. Your dog is your #1 fan.

Whether you’re gone for 10 minutes or 10 hours, the greeting from your dog is amazing! 


2. Dog smiles are the best!

Dogs are happy doing almost anything, as long as it’s with you!


3. Dogs are great motivators.

Have you ever had trouble staying active? When your dog brings you the leash and BEGS for a walk, it’s hard to say no to those sweet eyes! Dogs can motivate us to lead an active lifestyle and simply laugh more (which also contributes to a long life!)


4. They are all cute. Yes, even the ugly ones.

There is no such thing as an ugly dog! Their other redeeming qualities tend to make up for any lack of looks.  



5. Dogs are loyal.

They protect us, love on us, and don’t judge us by our many mistakes. They are loyal, and just love to be with us (and they will come to the rescue like Batman if we ever needed it). See Batman dog screenshot. 


6. Dogs love to lounge.  

Rainy lazy days are the best with dogs!  

dog gif


7. Dogs have terrible short term memories.

Thank goodness for a lack of short term memory! We don’t mean it too literally, but they seem to forget when we feed them an hour later or when our toddler tugs on their tails. They love cuddling the tail-tuggler just the same. PC: @littleladiesmaternity


8. Dogs are amazingly smart!

Did you know that a dog’s sense of smell is 60x stronger than a human’s? They can be trained to smell cancer detectors or signs of diabetes. Dogs are trainable and figure things out, whether it’s mischief or saving lives. Dog in glasses picture on desktop: PC: @beckymceachern


9. Your dog will go where you go, if you let him.

A stroll through the park in a baby carrier? Sure.


10. Dogs are built in dishwashers (minus a little slobber).

Your dog will love you forever if you let them lick the plates after dinner! dog gif


11. Dogs are cool about everything.

Dress them up, paint their toenails, go for rides in cars, camping, swimming, or just lounge….dogs are cool with it.


12. Dogs have endless energy!