Colorado Dog Meetup

Elk Meadow Dog Park, Evergreen, CO. July 29, 2016 

Instagram is an incredible community. A group of dog owners, lead by hosts @mountain.mutts and @mylifeinpawprints, met at Elk Meadow Dog Park in Evergreen Colorado last weekend to enjoy the Colorado scenery and hike as their dogs reveled being off-leash. These people were total strangers, but had one thing binding them together: their love of dogs.

See below for photos from the meetup! 

From left to right: (front) @alainacase, @explorewithollie, @gypsysoul_shinesgold. (back) @mylifeinpawprints, @mountain.mutts, @boone_tails 


Stephen Martin and Ollie (@explorewithollie

"Arriving at Elk Meadows Open Space Dog Park was a trek but Ollie and I were immediately greeted by, wait for it, an all pack of male dogs! Go figure the the group was all males.

Quickly this group of dogs took from being new acquaintances to bonding as a solid pack as we walked our way through one of the larger loops with in the open space park. Passively meeting other dogs here and there as they would pass with their owners, but the distinction made as "you are not one of us" was beyond hilarious! Nicco and Jax were the rowdiest, Boone probably covered the most miles out of everyone by the end of the day, Uncle seemed to always be the wise one, Hippie seemed to be lost at times, and Ollie well, he just laid down in the water every chance he could get. The hike consisted of running, sticks (a lot of sticks), streams, getting dirty, and a lot of attempts to get all the dogs lined up in one line... nearly impossible!
The whole group was great, all with unique lives and stories about themselves and how they got their dogs. Which all defined us as being so different, yet we all have this one thing in common, we like dogs and more importantly we like taking their pictures!"


Kyla and Micco (@mountain.mutts

"Micco and I had the wonderful pleasure of meeting up with several different Colorado Instagram accounts. We met @boone_tails, @explorewithollie, @mylifeinpawprints @alainacase.  


The dogs all had a blast playing, running, and splashing around with at the Elk Meadow Open Space Offleash Dog park in Evergreen. It was so great to meet the people behind the accounts and let the dogs have some fun!" 


Isabelle and Uncle (@mylifeinpawprints

"The meetup was so great because all of the dogs had a different personality, but everyone got along so well. It was awesome meeting everyone in real life too. Seeing the madness behind everyone’s photos and also the relationship between the people and their dogs is something you can’t always get from a picture on Instagram!"


Boone (@boone_tails


Ollie (@explorewithollie


Jax (@alainacase


Hippie @gyspysoul_shinesgold 


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