Camping in the Bernese Alps

July 24, 2017 3 Comments

Camping in the Bernese Alps

Author: Marco Schnyder, Trailblazer

What can be better than camping high up in the mountains with humans best friend? Up here, sunrises and sunsets are a real spectacle. Here you can see a little documentation of our camping trip in the Bernese Alps and what you have to observe while camping in the mountains.


Our goal was to hike up the Augstmatthorn in the Bernese Alps, and spend the night up there at 7011 feet. First we drove about 2 hours by car to the small village of Habkern. From there we had to walk about 2.5 hours to the summit. The climb with all the luggage, tent and camera equipment was not easy, and we had to rest a few times.


When we arrived on the ridge after about two hours, we discovered a small group of Ibexes. Nala saw them at first, but remained quite calm. At first we were about 300 feet away from them. We were quiet for a while, so that they could get used to us. Then we approached them and Nala was even allowed to sniff the Ibex. It is not uncommon in the Swiss Alps to encounter capricorns. It’s just important to stay calm so that the animals are relaxed when you slowly approach them.


After this spectacle we went to the horn. When we got there we were overwhelmed by the beautiful view. We had a great view of the mountains and over Lake Brienz. The Augstmatthorn has a small flat surface where we can set up our tent. We have an inflatable tent, which is of great advantage because it can be set up quickly and it’s also simple. (Tent by Heimplanet)


There is an app (PhotoPills), where you can see where the sun rises in the morning. So you can admire and capture the ultimate sunrise shot from the tent! 

When we had unpacked everything, the sun was slowly sinking.
Nala had to pose for some sunset pics and then we went back to the tent. Nala was very tired from the long hike and made a little nap before the tent. Later it was colder on the summit, and the little babybear also retreated to the tent.

 In the morning at 5 o'clock it was already time to get up again. The sun rises at approximately 5:30 am and we wanted to be prepared for the sunrise.

In the morning it was a bit cloudy, but a beautiful dawn decorated the sky. The sun was stronger and the rays fought a way through the clouds and warmed our faces.
Nala also enjoyed the sunbeams and fueled energy before the tent.


I think dogs take the nature and environment just as true as we humans. It seemed to me that Nala was enjoying the breathtaking view and the sunrise, so it was also difficult to shoot pictures of her, looking at the camera. :-D

As the sun was a bit higher, Nala got her deserved breakfast, and while we tucked together the tent again, she made a little powernap to have enough energy to descend.


The closer we got to the valley, the temperature warmed up and so we decided to enjoy a bath in the Brienzersee. This was unbelievably refreshing and a nice conclusion of a wonderful camping trip.


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Verheyden Steven
Verheyden Steven

January 18, 2020

Is this hike duable with 2dogs? Because im just 1person alone and i want to hike this trail but it little bitt scary’s me

Lorrie McClain
Lorrie McClain

September 13, 2017

Wow…I’m not sure if stunning or amazing even gives this justice! Just wow!

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