Animal-Friendly Indoor and Outdoor Plants

January 21, 2021

Animal-Friendly Indoor and Outdoor Plants

Are you looking for a way to add greenery to your home or garden but want to make sure it’s safe for your pets? We’ve compiled a list of some examples of pet-friendly plants that are safe for you to have around your home. 


Spider Plant

Very easy to grow indoors, spider plants are great air purifiers and are very resilient. They’re a great addition to your plant collection and will help get rid of airborne toxins in your home. 

Calathea Orbifolia

Since it needs partial shade, this plant is perfect for a place in your home that doesn’t get much natural light. 

Some Succulents

Famously easy to care for, succulents are a great option for someone looking to get into plant care. Some variations, like the Haworthia, Echeveria, and air plants, are pet friendly. Watch out for certain succulents, like Aloe Vera and the Jade plant. If you think your pet has ingested a poisonous substance, please contact your veterinarian as soon as possible. 

Bird’s Nest Fern

This plant’s name isn’t the only thing that’s animal-friendly! This fern will thrive in a low light, varying humidity condition. It’s the perfect plant to brighten up your bathroom.


Heading outside, the camellia will be a great addition to your garden. It’s a flowering shrub that prefers partial shade and will come back annually.


These brightly colored plants look great in hanging baskets and can remain in bloom from late spring to late fall. 


This dog-safe plant is not only a great cooking herb, but a great outdoor gardening plant. Its rapid growth will require more room, so be sure to give it space to expand.



Polka Dot Plant

The polka dot plant will add a pop of color to your garden. Preferring the shade, these low-growing plants are safe for your animals. 

Are you working on your green thumb? Tell us about it in the comments below, and follow @campingwithdogs and @myalphapak on Instagram to stay updated on other safety tips for you and your dog!

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