Arbor Day: Why Planting a Tree Matters

April 27, 2016

Arbor Day: Why Planting a Tree Matters


Camping with Dogs is all about featuring you and your dog in the great outdoors, and none of this is possible without trees. They give us scenery to admire, oxygen to breath, and add good vibes to our monotonous days. Did you know trees can impact us economically, too? Yep, mo’ trees, mo’ money. Put a group together and plant a tree today in honor of Arbor Day!

Want to know what kind of impact trees can make in your life? Read on.

Health Benefits

  • Trees reduce stress! Whether you connect with your creative side, get inspired, or get a sense of meaning out of the universe from trees, they are shown to have a calming effect and reduce the stress response in both the mind and body.
  • Children with ADHD show less symptoms when exposed to nature.
  • When in the hospital, patients recover quicker if they have a view of nature or trees!
  • Neighborhoods with tree lined streets protect children at play as well as reduce driving speeds through the neighborhood.

Environmental Benefits

  • One tree can clean about 330 pounds of air. That’s enough oxygen for a whole family for a year!
  • Trees are home to various wildlife keeping naturally diverse ecosystems functioning efficiently.
  • Trees naturally reduce the air temperature. Having mature trees around your home and office will reduce the need for air conditioning in hot months which reduces air pollutants. And utility costs.
  • In areas that are heavily populated by trees, the chances of flooding and water erosion are lessened.
  • Trees act as water filters absorbing toxins from urban water runoff.

Social Benefits

  • Neighborhoods with more trees report less crime and insecurity bolstering a greater community outlook!
  • Trees provide a learning experience for children. Let’s teach them about our environment and develop a positive attitude toward the plants and animals living around us.
  • Studies of public housing communities show that common areas with trees were used more than common areas without trees. The more the community members used the space, the less domestic violence occurred and the greater the sense of community.
  • Camping!! Get out into nature, pitch your tent, and admire the beauty of trees and time with friends!

Economical Benefits

  • Businesses with more trees and greenery get more foot traffic and shoppers tend to shop longer! (cha ching!)
  • Trees can increase your property value! Home buyers are willing to pay more for a home with mature trees and well-maintained landscaping. Increased home values impacts the property taxes in those areas contributing to the overall community!
  • Want to lower heating and cooling bills? Plant shade trees on the south and west faces of your house. This has been shown to decrease heating bills by about 15% and cooling bills by almost 50%!
  • Plant a fruit tree! By simply planting one apple tree, you can harvest 15-20 bushels of apples in a growing season! An apple is the perfect healthy portable snack for a hike!

Celebrate Arbor Day by planting a tree or two and support the environment, your health, and the economy!

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