5 Reasons to LOVE your dog on National Pet Day

April 11, 2016

On National Pet Day, we’re celebrating pups everywhere! Did you know there are about 77.8 million dogs living in households in the U.S., up from 66 million in 2000? That’s a lot of fur and paws to care for! But they are more than just our friendly pet, they are knitted into our families. They have amazing qualities that get us hooked from the beginning and keep us coming back for more.

There are so many reasons to LOVE your dog on National Pet Day. See our top five reasons below!

The cuteness

The cuteness. Is there anything cuter than a little fur ball that has just gotten into trouble? Sure, the trash is all over the kitchen, but who cares. The guilty pup who did it just wooed you with their “Please forgive me,” face. No one blames you for not staying mad. It seems like everything they do is adorable, from the way they chase a ball to the way they look when wearing a Camping with Dogs bandana!

They understand us

Studies show that dogs know more than we think. They have a way of understanding us that goes deeper than just any ole’ pet. One researcher from Japan, Takefumi Kikusui, says that the act of looking into your dog’s eyes actually releases oxytocin, a hormone that plays a role in maternal bonding and trust, in both dogs AND their humans. It’s a bonding mechanism similar to when we stare into the eyes of an infant. It creates a need in both human and dog to “stick together, and care for each other.”

They are resilient

Dogs don’t whine like humans do. They will walk or run to the ends of the earth to please their human and love every minute of it. Dogs are tough, and they want to please.

They are always ready for an adventure!

The phrase, “Ready to go for a ride?!” cannot be taken back! Once your dog hears it, they go nuts! Whether the adventure is a trip to the park or snowboarding on the slopes, your trusty companion is ALWAYS ready to tag along!

Buddies for life

You know the joy of coming home to an overly excited pup? He probably heard your car coming from around the block! The minute you walk in the door, he’s ready to play (and eat). And instantly, the worries of the day melt away. The connection between human and dog is incredible. Our dog is our buddy, through thick and thin. It’s a bond for life.

Looking for way to celebrate your best four-legged friend on National Pet Day this year? We’ve put together a list of a few things that the whole family can do!

  1. Volunteer at your local animal shelter.
  2. Donate much needed items like toys, food and blankets to shelters.
  3. DIY a new toy or try a new home-made treat recipe!
  4. Get outside with your dog. Go on an adventure and find a new place to hike or camp!
  5. Adopt a dog. So many great dogs need a loving home!

Whatever you do, be sure to give lots of belly rubs and back scratches to your best furry pal on National Pet Day!

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