With Daylight Savings Time drawing near, we’re all faced with an important question: what are we going to do with an extra hour of daylight every day?

It seems that the popular reaction is to groan as we set our clocks forward an hour. We’ll spend a few days adjusting to the change, declaring that Daylight Savings Time is a bizarre idea that should be eradicated. Sure, it’s easy to complain. But if you stop to think about what all Daylight Savings Time has to offer, you’ll find yourself feeling grateful for this wonderfully strange idea.

For the next 8 months, we’re getting an extra hour of sunshine. Why be grouchy for a few days when you could spend that time planning what you’re going to do with the extended period of glorious sunlight? If you’re a dog owner, we’ve got some tips for you. 


1. Take a walk with your dog after work

If you’re a nine- to- fiver, you now have an extra hour to take a walk with your beloved canine before needing to don your reflective gear. When you get home, kick off your uncomfortable work shoes, throw on some sneakers, and take your dog on an extra-long stroll. And if your New Year’s Resolution was to work out more, here’s an excuse to actually get started. PC: @tuolumnejones


2. Perfect your dog’s fetch game

That backyard of yours (or dog park, if you don’t have a backyard) is calling your name. Grab your dog’s favorite tennis ball and play a long game of fetch. Unless your dog has an iFetch to play with all day. Every dog, regardless of its breed, needs at least an hour of exercise a day. After all, a tired dog is a happy dog. And a tired dog will gladly cuddle with you on the couch after a hard day at work. PC: @brettlair


3. Go on a camping trip

With those extra hours during the week, you have plenty of time to plan out your next camping trip. Reserve your campsite, collect all the gear you need, and head out for a camping adventure. That extra hour to hike and explore will be the perfect bonding time for you and your dog. PC: @loki_the_wolfdog


4. Paddle with your pup

If you’re fortunate enough to live near a body of water, you should take advantage. Nothing says adventure like taking a kayak out to the lake and exploring the unseen with your dog. But don’t forget, your dog will also need a lifejacket! If you need more tips for water adventures with your dog, click here. PC: @samanthabrookephoto


5. Nap

Let’s be real. Many of us are going to use that extra hour to take a well-deserved nap with our dog. We work hard, so there’s no harm in taking a snooze in our eno, right? PC: @brewster_is_hanging