What a $5.63 Jamba Juice Drink Taught Me About Being a Dog Owner

By Christine Brewer of Camping With Dogs

I learned a very invaluable lesson today and this time I only paid $5.63 for it. I’m here visiting Phoenix, Arizona where temps right now are about 116 degrees. Basically miserable. I felt no guilt as I made a much needed stop to my favorite smoothie chain, Jamba Juice

As I was patiently waiting for my Pink Star, a women and her daughter popped their heads in the door and asked if anyone owned a gold pick-up truck. A young man responded that he did and turned back around.

The women then said,

“You have a dog inside of your car and it’s 113 degrees outside meaning it 130 degrees inside your car and he’s barking like crazy.”


The man said, “I’ll only be a few more minutes” and again turned back around. The women then said something so simple yet so profound:  

“You do realize that you have left your dog helpless in the car. That wasn’t his choice. It was yours. Now I’m going to make a choice. If you’re not out here in 2 minutes, I’m calling the police”.

This summer as you are out and about taking your furry little friend on all sorts of adventures, be sure to remember one thing: Your choices don’t just affect your life but also that of your fellow dog.  Adventure responsibly so that your days together may be long and prosperous! (Yes, we did just throw a little E.T. into this) We’ve even blogged about the top 5 most important things to remember when taking your dog camping.  Your dogs life is in YOUR hands.