25 Reasons Dogs Make The Best Camping Companions

August 12, 2015

Cover photo PC: @isaacloval

There are dogs and then there are dogs that love to hike, camp, kayak and SUP! Camping With Dogs is the latter of the two. We're a community of people that love having a companion to join us on our outdoor adventures. On September 5, 2015, we are celebrating the first ever National Camping With Dogs DayNational Camping With Dogs Day is a day to celebrate and appreciate our dogs that follow us to the ends of the trail map. 

Here are 25 reasons we think dogs make the best outdoor companions:

1. They celebrate every summit

Give us a high if you love going hiking and camping with your dog! #campingwithdogs @mikehoderman @ruffwear

2. They love hanging out with a view

Hanging out with Mother . #campingwithdogs @loki_the_wolfdog

3. They can play "follow the leader"

Playing a game: follow the leader. #campingwithdogs @isaaclkoval

4. Or they can be the leader

And I think to myself, what a wonderful world. #campingwithdogs @sam__davis

5. They love day time naps in a tent

To celebrate 40k followers, here's an adorable picture of a puppy sleeping in a tent with mountains in the background. Thank you & you're welcome! #campingwithdogs @misshalimarie

6. They never miss a sunrise

You might regret waking up at sunrise during the work week but for a view like this, zero regrets. #campingwithdogs @dead_head93

7. They never miss a sunset

It's moments like these we wish time could stand still. #campingwithdogs @manamon_kauai

8. They love camp fires

Does this sum up your perfect weekend? #campingwithdogs @noemilag

9. They won't let you forget to take them with you

What are some of your "must have" camping essentials? #campingwithdogs @robinventures

10. They travel well... 

Once you spot the dog, comment with the first caption that comes to mind! #campingwithdogs from @ladybreww

10. They pack their own gear

This dog is basically a human. Someone give her a drivers license! #campingwithdogs @mazamadog

11. They love alpine swim sessions

There's something magical about going places where few have been. We choose to share it with our dog. #campingwithdogs @nick_terrel

12. They don't mind muddy trail conditions

Muddy as hell but happy as can be. I'm sure everyone here wants to know, how did you get this dog back in your vehicle?! #campingwithdogs @jmockli

13. Snow is their favorite

"We're going camping?!" Our faces exactly. Thank you @noemilag for capturing this feeling #campingwithdogs!

14. They make friends with other campers

Squad goals. #campingwithdogs @west_coast_heeler_pack @cn4sh @tyramro @aliciaearle @sumperlance

15. They will let you know when it's time to rest

[caption this] "Let's go camping they said. It's going to be so much fun they said." #campingwithdogs @sun_ski @herc_life

16. They will let you know when it's time to go!

"Did somebody say bacon?!" #campingwithdogs via @patagonia and @bluemountainthyme

17. They will collect your firewood

@west_coast_heeler_pack was promoted to branch manager today... #campingwithdogs

18. They wake us with morning kisses

Today is #NationalMuttDay! @shawnaleftwich is celebrating with kisses from her beautiful mutt and sporting a Camping With Dogs shirt! #campingwithdogs

19. They have a sense of adventure

First ascents? @deanpotter's dog holds all the K9 records. #campingwithdogs

20. They can be protective

"You're not going to leave me in here while you go hike?!" #campingwithdogs @vizsla_whiskeygirl #marmot

21. They are man's best friend

"The best things in life involve a four wheel drive, a dog, and some camping gear." #campingwithdogs via @ifitwags (one of our favorite dog accounts!)

22. They are woman's best friend

What's better than going camping with your dog? Nothing. The answer is nothing. #campingwithdogs @acoloradogal @twomillstones <---- follow them!

23. They give the best hugs

Mountain top snuggles are the best kind. @jessica__caitlin #campingwithdogs

24. They make relationships 10x better

The definition of #HappyCampers. #campingwithdogs @camptogether

25. And they give us memories that will last forever

Now THIS is the best #CampingWithDogs night shot we've ever seen! @kaffegram

We want to see your next Camping With Dogs moment. Share you adventures with us by using the hashtag #campingwithdogs and @campingwithdogs on Instagram. 

Peace. Love. Camp With Dogs

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